Excel Die Castings was founded by Mr. S. NARGUNAM, B.E., in 1986 as a small foundry. Over 40 years, it has grown in size, stature, recognition and reach.

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2005: ‘0’ PPM Award (BOSCH)

2009: Model Line Award (HMI)

2012: Appreciation Award (TAKATA)

2013: Best Supplier Award (TAKATA)

2014: Cosidici National Award for Outstanding Entrepreneur

2015: Appreciation Award (SMR)- Global Supplier summit @ Hampshire UK

2015: Best Supplier Award- 100% Delivery (TAKATA)

2016: Best Foundry Award (IIF)

2017: Best Foundry Award (IIF)

2017: Best Supplier Award (PHI)

2018: Partnership Excellence Award (SICAME)

2018: Special Support Award (SMR)


Excel Die Castings is committed to ensure the compliance with Customers requirement and to achieve the goal of delivering highest quality products with Zero defects.

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